Alianza de Judíos Mesiánicos de México

Desde 1992

Organo Oficial No. 89, Primavera, 2019/5779

SH’MA YISRAEL Sinagogue “Yeshua Ben David”, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Claude A. Bellon

It seems like yesterday, when we celebrated for the first time as ‘Yeshua Ben David’ Chapala, PURIM. It's not that I want to get sentimental or anything likethat. As a recount of what our Lord has done in this his new Messianic Synagogue in the Chapala Ribera.

   It has truly been a year of challenges, proposals and encounters, but what has always prevailed is the love of our Lord for his people Israel and all his sheep, giving us direction through his word in the Holy Scriptures.

I want to tell you that in this time the Lord has been working in my life, at the same time that he has built the foundations of this Messianic Synagogue in Chapala. He has taken charge, as the good shepherd, to bring beautiful men and women of faith, that are part of the foundations of this project.  His Love and Salvation for his people in this region shows. I can only tell you that Adonai's thoughts are not our thoughts, and that He works mysteriously for us and through us. Our business place has also become a place to receive His people and minister to them.

   The Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Purim, Shabbat, Hanukkah, and the study of the Tanaj and B’rit Chadasha (Old and New Testament), etc., have been carried out, and in each of them we have been able to share the Messiah with his people, sowing in hearts the blessed word of our Lord and Savior. Yeshua Ha Mashiach, waiting upon the Lord Adonai as He directs our steps.

   Dear brothers and sisters, just as at this moment I am amazed at how beautiful Adonai leads to the construction of his work, we all realize his sovereignty and that from the beginning He is, He created us, gave life and salvation and continues to sustain us with his love and power. And this is not going to change, because the word of our God does not change. Let us trust and continue in the faith for which we are called.

He is the Lord, our joy and we are servants of God all mighty.

   I invite you to pray for the people of Adonai, especially for the Jews who live at Lake Chapala, so that God may touch their minds and hearts and they might come to the knowledge of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.  May our Lord lead us to the place of our synagogue, Yeshua Ben David, and be the home to all our brothers and sisters as the Lord adds to his body. I also ask you, to pray for this servant, that on our journey, He Keeps our mind and our heart pleasing to Him. That He gives me the gifts and talents to give Him honor and Glory for His work and that with the guidance of His Ruaj Hakodesh, keep me faithful and humble to His blessed call.


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