What to do with fears and questions?

Claude A. Bellon

Dear Brothers and Sisters, this time I want to talk with you about the thoughts and fears that we humans have when we come to Yeshua.

   Reaching our Savior is the most wonderful experience that every human being can have, because it is the moment in which man reconciles his fallen nature with his creator and savior, in that moment all our hopes are placed on the cross and in hope of eternal life, however, as we move forward in our walk with Yeshua, the world and its ways are at every moment stalking, and that is when we have to lay hold of our salvation and remember that first moment and the teachings and promises of G-d.

   I would like to share with you, why my fears and my thoughts: Approximately 22 years ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic type 1 (insulin dependent), as you can understand my life depended on injecting insulin at each meal and at night, and if necessary, some other time during the day. I lived with insulin, test strips to check my blood glucose levels. I had periods of high sugar, with their own symptoms and other episodes of low blood sugar with other symptoms, this was my condition and I accepted it; When I came to Yeshua I was once asked to go to the altar to pray to be healed, I told my wife that I accepted this condition and only wanted G-d’s will in me.

   On the last day of April, late at night, I had an episode of low blood sugar and convulsed, losing consciousness and even my vital signs, my wife requested an ambulance that never arrived, however, my wife, with her hands put honey in my mouth, managed to get me bac. When I came back, I had a huge pain in my back, neck and my tongue and mouth hurt by the convulsions. Since that day, I have not stopped thinking, to be afraid and to cry out to my Redeemer, for His words for my life (I understood the fragility of life and the weakness of man).

   At this time, started a new stage for us. I went to see a specialist, an endocrinologist doctor to help us after all of this, he said, to my surprise, surely you are NOT Diabetic type 1, insulin is killing you. He withdraw insulin, He gave me a new diet and sent me to home, you can imagine my mind, my questions and my fears, (I'm not, I'm not going to inject myself, and then,,,) I started my new life with a dramatic change in everything, it has been very difficult days, however, my organism is getting used to what is normal, and to work without insulin.

   For all of the above, I just want to share that all things help the good of those who love G-d, for me this is a miracle, a bad diagnosis or a change of type of Diabetes is a miracle, I am so grateful to my Go-d, and I have understood that my fears are part of my flesh (I'm not going to inject myself and I'm not going to die, etc. etc.) and yet this is like faith, I cannot see, but I'm going to believe, and it's good not to inject myself and be able to eat, each of my questions, how and what will happen if my sugar goes up, or if it goes down, etc., then I say again, that what to ask and why I am afraid. what G-d does is very good, and I believe and I do not doubt, or I doubt, and I will fail.

   Dear brothers, life with Yeshua is throwing ourselves to a precipice and knowing that He is there, and that there are no questions, only the total and relaxing response of knowing G-d is G-d and he is the all-powerful and He is my Lord.

   I’ve never thought that my life would change at 61, that I would not inject myself etc., however, G-d had another plan for me, and I am so grateful and learning not to be afraid, nor to ask him, but to believe him and tell him that He is in control, not me, this does not mean that I should not take care of myself, eat well and go to my doctor's appointment, but my fears and my questions are left behind and I’m with my father, and He is G-d.

   I hope that this experience can serve you, my dear brothers and sisters, and know that before the foundation of the world, each one of us was already in His heart and in His plans and nothing escapes him. Let’s not forget, G-d loved us first, and His love is eternal. Shalom



Claude A Bellon

Rabbi IT

Synagogue “Yeshua Ben David”

Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Email: Claude@ybd.mx